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client feedback

Our group in the UK would like to [recreate the materials you designed], but for their local brand. Your work is going global.

elaine chubry, multi-media manager, breville canada, april 2019

Thanks for everything – your help was invaluable!

Dr. Kim Lavoie, International Behavioural trials network Co-Lead (IBTN 2016 Conference), May 2016

C’est un immense plaisir de travailler avec toi!

Geneviève Szczepanik, Coordinatrice de recherche, Centre de médecine comportementale de montréal, Decembre 2018

Exactly you nailed it. Simple, corporate tasteful creative. Perfect.

Logistics Director, CONCEPTS Event Management Solutions, november 2017

I can’t wait to showcase to the ACC team the amazing work that you and your team have been so diligently working on!

Jessica Nooyen, Manager, Research Program Development, ACCELERATION Program, University Health Network, Toronto, July 12, 2019

Nous avons apprécié tant la traduction/adaptation que les suggestions pour l’anglais.

Renée Darveau, adjointe à la direction, Industrial Chimney Company Inc., août 2018

On behalf of the team I want to thank you for working with us, it has been a great experience and real fun.

Dr. simon bacon, director, montreal behavioural medicine centre, july 2011

Many thanks for your superb work. Everything was managed in a timely and efficient manner.

Dr. Zaheer Zarahuddin, Chair, Department of BCE Engineering, Concordia University, October 2011

Nous apprécions ta rapidité et ton travail!  I’m very happy with your turns of phrases!

Julie Lapalme, Responsable du Web et des médias sociaux, Société des directeurs des musées montréalais (SDMM), October 2011

Very professional, very clear and clean: exactly the image we want to present. First-rate work.

Dr. Lorenzo DiTommaso, Chair, Department of Religion, Concordia University, Spring 2012

Fort, vraiment fort!

Annie Szulzyngier, Marketing Department, Teva Canada Innovation, April 2012

Looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Corinna Odorico, Senior Category Manager, Breville Canada, May 2015

Oh you’re good…

Peter Knapp, co-Owner, KKP Pointe-Claire, January 2015

Everyone is thrilled with the new décor items.  They look great!

Elaine Chubry, Multi-Media Manager, Breville Canada, January 2015

It has been quite a process with these documents and they truly look clear and eye appealing.

Rosemary Hill, CAET, Conference Organizing Committee January 2015

Everyone really likes the [2015 Novartis NOYCIA] design, it was chosen out of five possibilities so congrats.

Claudette Dupras, Logistics Director, CONCEPTS Event Management Solutions, October 2014

David [Suzuki], Sophika and I are extremely impressed with you. … You are a dynamic and powerful communicator.

Cam Cheema, BlueDot Campaign Organizer, October 2014

Wow, beaux changements. J’aime le ton et les mots.

Josée Davignon, Présidente, Avec Brio, mai 2014

Les blogues de David ne sont pas toujours faciles à traduire, mais elle a bien compris ce que nous avons besoin!

Nadine Légaré, Spécialiste des communications, Fondation David Suzuki, septembre 2013

Les traductions me conviennent tout à fait et reflètent bien le sens de mes propos en français… Merci pour la qualité de votre traduction.

Haja Ramahatra, Consultant – Analyste Marketing Sénior – Statisticien, août 2013

Your phrasing contains a whole eye-opening world in the space of just one compact, concise and very elegantly-worded sentence.

Michael Varga, Translator, July 2013

Wow, this is fantastic! A very thorough approach

Shaheen Yazdani, VP Client Services, Group Intercept, March 2013

Thanks for your sharp eye and diligence! Always such a pleasure working with you.

David Too, ServiPak Canada, January 2013

C’est magnifique! Punché, efficace, clair, méchante belle job! Bravo!

Cassiopée Véronique Lapierre, Lead Singer, Zarkana, Cirque du Soleil, September 2012

I must say this is fantastic work.

Christan Durand, Communications Advisor, Concordia University PERFORM Centre, June 2012

Wow! J’adore.

Marie-Josée Biron, Conseillère Marketing, Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal, mars 2013

I hear nothing but good things about you and your work.  She says you are a pearl.

Gayl Rhicard, Coordinator, Avante Women’s Centre, Bedford Qc

I can’t thank you enough for your help… and you were fantastically easy to work with. On-time, quick learning curve… and cheery too!

Suzannah Baum, Owner, Ideal Communications, January 2010

La traductrice qui s’est occupé du texte “Our Future” a vraiment fait un beau travail!!

Nadine Légaré, Coordonnatrice des communications, Fondation David Suzuki, octobre 2011

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