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We are driven by communication that works and messages that move.

“Being heard is important, but being understood is the real goal. Effective communication is about removing the obstacles that exist between your message and your audience. Making the message easy to understand is the first step. Making it compelling is the second step. Making this happen means developing a clear understanding of the audience, but before that, you need to be clear about the purpose of your message.” – Jo O.

We solve problems. We take initiative. We adapt. We create.


For over 15 years, Jo O has worked as a translator, writer, copy editor, website content designer, and graphic designer for a range of industries.

Right from the start, her career was driven by a passion to help others be well-understood.

Her time in college and university studying anthropology, linguistics, pedagogy, literature, translation, and management was all about exploring the nature, the art, and the business of human communication.

Jo O has been fueled by a great wonder for “messages that move.” She is insatiably curious about how communication goes wrong and how powerful well-developed messages can be.

Her focus and speciality is about making communication work by making it better.


Citizen Partner (2022-present) – Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges – Putting Evidence at the Centre of Everday Life

Citizen Partner (2021-2022) – COVID-END (COVID-19 Evidence Network to Support Decision-Making) – Plain Language Partner

Volunteer Translator (2010-2020) – Translators Without Borders

Volunteer Translator (2009-2016) – David Suzuki Foundation, Québec Office

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